About this Veg Virgin

So on Sept. 6, 2010, I made the switch to being a vegetarian. I can’t say I’ve gotten too much support–more so “Are you sure you won’t eat fish?” and “You bitch.” Regardless, I went through my entire life as a conspicuous omnivore, eating everything and anything I could… except zucchini–that stuff is awful. As far as I am concerned, foodliness is next to godliness and, since I consider myself a somewhat competent cook, I figured a blog would be a good way to share my experiences and maybe get some guidance as well. For as cliche as it sounds, one of my main goals will be to make things that everyone can enjoy–which means you can’t tell it’s vegetarian. Of course, though, I will include some things like ‘Caribbean-style Tofu over a bed of Black Bean Dirty Rice’. Consequently, I will rate things on a 1-5 scale of vegetarian-ness, or how discreetly it abstains from meat while still being a full meal, called the “Non-Veg Head Friendly Scale” with 1 being ‘totally unfriendly’ and 5 being ‘this will convert me to vegetarianism’. Like I said, I was an omnivore–for over two decades, no less–and I figure I can still judge what dishes don’t actually need meat and still be universally satisfying. Call it my swollen ego.

A couple words of warning: 1) I am a completely inattentive cook. I kind of cook on a whim and rarely is the same dish ever ‘the same’–something is always tweaked or different. All of the recipes herein will have measurements, but consider “1/2 tsp” to mean ‘a pinch, I guess’. In the spirit of my aloofness, I invite you to make your own tweaks to whatever you read here. 2) I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, so I will not shy away from less-than-organic things like fat free cheese and sugar substitutes. I understand if you’re not on board with this–I promise it doesn’t hurt my feelings. Maybe more natural ingredients can be how you tweak my stuff. Also, some recipes may include nutritional information at the bottom and/ or a description of the macro-nutrients involved. 3) Because I am going vegetarian–and contrary to #2–these dishes may include fattier ingredients than what I would recommend for omnivores in order to compensate for the fats lost due to the loss of meat in my veg diet. So, if you’re an omnivore and are looking to stay healthy, make sure these recipes accord with the rest of your day’s diet and menu.

Ok, enough boring crap–I’m damn hungry. Hopefully you all will follow my blog, make (constructive) comments, and watch me bloom from a vegetarian virgin to a full-on seitan slut.

etc.: The “etc.” in the title refers to just that: extra crap. I’ll try to keep the more incendiary stuff to a minimum–so you don’t need to worry about my Liberalist Shinto appeals to deconstructive feminism. What I may include, though, are reflections on fitness and nutrition (probably more to flesh out my own ideas than to preach) as well as, if I get really bored or ADD, an album review. Ok, dig in.


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